Water can be an extremely destructive force. In a short period of time, water can cause damage to your hardwood floors, carpet and carpet pads, tile, drywall, cabinets and so on.


It is important to remove the water as soon as possible, and begin drying immediately to reduce humidity, which helps prevent mold.


Please remember that standing water can be very dangerous, and is often the cause of electrical shocks.


Water damage is typically caused by:


Broken/Frozen pipes

Clogged pipes and drains

Flooding from snowmelt, heavy rains, rivers

Faulty appliances such as hot water heaters, dishwashers, washers


In the Yampa Valley water damage is a frequent occurrence. This is due to the extreme swings in temperatures, the abundance of lakes and of course many second home-owners who are not always there to catch the initial problem.


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